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When feminists exaggerate a normal, everyday situation to twist it into a "form of sexism and misogyny against women" and give it a demeaning, misandrist name, such as 'mansplaining' or 'manspreading', thus ironically revealing their own sexism.
BATMAN: "So we were fighting Darkseid when suddenly he aimed his Omega Beams towards Diana. I immediately shouted, "Watch out for the Omega Beams, Diana!!" when she got mad and accused me of Mansplaining her job as a superheroine to her. We argued for, like, 15 minutes while simultaneously trying to avoid the Omega Beams!!"

NIGHTWING: "Jesus, Bats! That's crazy! Since when did Wonder Woman become THAT cranky?"

BATMAN: "I don't know. I even told her that she routinely chastises me for not killing the Joker and because of that, I'm responsible for the deaths of dozens and dozens of innocents. "A REAL warrior would slay such a dangerous enemy if it came to it!!" she says! I even told her that that was an example of her Cuntsplaining my job as a superhero to me!"

NIGHTWING: "OWWWW!!! BURRNNN!!! That must have put her in her place!!"

BATMAN: "No it didn't!! She got even more angry and said there was NO such thing as 'cuntsplaining'. She said that only men are guilty of such patronizingly demeaning acts. "All over the world, men of all ages are talking down to women and 'mansplaining' to them, which is what is destroying the world!!" she says!! And all this while, Darkseid and his Parademons are turning Earth into a second Apokolips."

NIGHTWING: "Woah now that bitch is just Cuntxaggerating the whole situation!!"

BATMAN: "Yep. Them bitches come up with all sorts of ridiculous cuntxaggerations!!"
by Beef_Pot February 12, 2018
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