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Colloquial expression when in a group of marauding male friends, one deliberately goes out of his way to do mis-deeds to the others.

It's often argued, generally by the lad doing the cunting that: "the lads always cunt each other". Depending on the level of impropriety the other lads will agree or disagree.
Giles cunted the lads by breaking wind in the back of the taxi at the beginning of a 40 minute journey.

Tomkin cunted the lads by organizing an excellent bbq for himself, and not inviting the lads.

Oswaldo cunted Ellsworth, and said "but the lads always cunt each other!", when he slept with Ellsworth's ex-girlfriend and told everyone about her oversized vulva; and replied to Ellsworth's loving text messages while getting a soapy titwank from Ellsworth's ex-girlfriend.

Cunting the lads became standard practice, on the lads last trip to ibiza, this included pissing in each other's pockets in urinals, and competitively cock-blocking any lad having success with a bint.
by Earnesto Cullonesto January 18, 2012
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