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khun-tif-er-uh s


1. cuntingly feral; cuntnoramous; cuntosaurus

2. causing repugnance or aversion: a cuntiforous person
3. capable of causing cunt expulsion to an exact serving size of one quarter of a cup.

4. tending to cunt dive to excess/overdose resulting in the formation of behaviors consistent with either a woman's cunnylingus hole or <colloquial> a cunt of a person whom much like an over soaked sponge, excretes fluids and/or a foul offputting odour.

5. The condition in which women's dark or coloured underwear have bleach like discoloration stain where the clitoris and vaginal hole press and lightly wedge or cause friction the frontal part of the knickers. There is no such known cause of the phenomena however it is believed by many that in the first cycle of evolution the female homosaepian produced a thick viscous concentrate from her sausage wallet to use for cleaning purposes and disinfect potentially fatal wounds. Over thousands of phases of evolution this has become a more recessive gene in the strands of DNA and as such only after long term use of a pair of undies can the remnants and discontinued trait show. There have been noted gynaecology studies drawing many correlations between a woman's tendency to be drawn to a good stain remover commercial and their biological bleach producing glands.
"Just like that cuntiforous"

"the doctor told me it's cuntiforous"

"cuntingly cunt cunty cunny cuntnoramous cuntiforous cuntracting cunstubble"
by Cuntroller November 23, 2012
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