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Games that cunts play to fulfill their desire for tension and unrest. Usually these games are played during a time of social tranquility, and when it is the of the utmost inconvenience to everyone involved.

In the aforementioned game "Destruction of friendships as collateral damage" earns bonus points,

While admitting you have been pinned in a lie or positively ID'ed as a registered CUNTGAMER is grounds for disqualification from the game of cunts.

The only chances for redemption are to, point the blame elsewhere, cause as much collateral damage and ruin as much tranquility as possible in the process of being revealed as a cuntgamer.
Cuntgamer #1 - Everyone sure is getting along nicely these days...

Cuntgamer #2 - Lets play cuntgames, and possibly ruin some friendships in the process!

Cuntgamer #1 - Cuntgaming FTW!
by Highly Refined Pirate January 01, 2010
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