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Formerly known as the confederate flag or battle flag, it is a flag that represents slavery, treason, white power and ignorance by those who fly it. There are two types of these ignorant people.

The first type fly it because they have learned incorrect history and believe it represents "southern Heritage." Many falling into this type think the civil war was not about slavery, or that it wasn't the main cause; this incorrect history was passed down from their toothless yokel hick incestual ancestors. This type is not very intelligent and can not spell or use a computer because if they could, 15 minutes of research from valid sources would show they are incorrect. This is possibly due to the corruption of the genepool from incestual breeding, but that is only a theory; studies are under way.

The second type fly it because they believe in the cause of white power, and they think the south will "rise again," but most of these folks can't even count to 10 so that isn't going to happen (also possibly due to incestual breeding). One variation of this type that flies the flag also go under cover as the first type and claim "southern heritage" in public (ex. Facebook), but then are the most racist people behind closed doors; the reason why they don't say why they really support the flag is because they are cowards. Although many of this type know the history, because of their ignorance they think it is "cool" when it really just makes them look stupid to anyone with an IQ over 50.
The Cuntfederate Flag represents ignorant white trash.
by SmileySmitty August 09, 2015
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