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Stemming from the grammatical term "context clue" and slang word "cunt."

Subtle signs/hints that determine someone is, or is acting like a cunt.
Dermot: I overheard you break up with Lolita last night. What happened?

Jarvis: I always had a hunch she was a self indulgent bitch, but it became obvious last night.

Dermot: You should have ended it awhile ago. I picked up on those cuntextual clues immediately. That sucks man. I'm here for you.

Jarvis: Wait a minute. You overheard? Why you always gotta put your nose in my business bro? Screw that bitch and screw you for that matter. Now get the heck out of my treehouse
by DicksInDisguise October 22, 2017
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