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1. Cunt Clique is a term to describe a group of immature girls who only strive on gossiping, slandering, harassing, and starting petty drama with people. In school, it's usually the popular whores.

2. The infamous batch of girls from Japanese Anime: 2 in yahoo! chat who only live to cause silly internet drama. These girls are major attention whores who have no lives outside of the internet and their screen names. They only live to slander people in the most obsessive ways or steal each others "friends" and "boyfriends". Although the Cunt Clique have migrated to a Role Play chat room, they continue to vomit their silly girl drama all over each other and their victims.

tl;dr don't talk to these girls of that nature, ignore them. Do not associate yourself with any immature women who are cunts and drama whores.
1. "At P.E yesterday, the Cunt Clique was starting drama over a girl going out with the captain of the basketball team."

2. "I can't stand the OOC room at RPH. It's packed full of the Cunt Clique. Eden and Ang are skanks always pmsing all over everyone and sucking off Kaine's chode or Courtney and her huge lesbian girl cock. They need to gtfo and go back to JA:2."
by ahaha.wav October 27, 2010
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