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The congregational coalescence of like-minded or "cycle-synchronized" female sympathizers of Social Justice into a nuclear unit of influence; the same who worship the revelry that manifests from the abysmal disorder of their female cycles alignment who are therein compelled to preach the end of male Patriarchy
For every one societal event in which women are offered greater freedoms and social mobility there are ten thousand Cunt Churches that spawn to resist the peaceable reformation of male-female social dynamics.
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by Urb Debonair December 25, 2017
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The word Cunt is considered to be the worst insult in the English "language".
But that is all blasphemy.The Cunt church believes that everything came from the Cunt god and his 13 little Cunties.
Jesus came from a Cunt,Kitties come from a Cunt, Doggos come from a Cunt...everything good comes from a Cunt.
Everything bad doesn't come from a Cunt...Bad Doggos come from the male Cunt(A male Cunt is simply a penis),Hitler came from a male Cunt,Jews came from a male Cunt...That's why masturbation is a sin,when you masturbate you anger the male Cunt and the male Cunt gives birth to Hitler...The main holiday of the Cunt church is the No Nut November(The cleansing month).You can join the Cunt church and Participate in the No Nut November and follow the way of the cunt.
That's why the word Cunt is the word and the will of Cunt god.

-Cunt Church was created by our anonymous prophet O*****...
"I embrace the Cunt church,the Cunt god saved my son from masturbating to My Little Pony hentai"
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by Cunt god of the Cunt church November 08, 2017
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