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A person (female) who intentionally or unintentionally stops the progress of another female getting her game on.

Female-specific variant of "Cock Blocker"

Definition rooted from MrTea6's definition of Cock Blocker.
"Wow Regina is such a cunt blocker; she kissed Aaron Samuels at his Halloween party!" Cady
by I_Love_hooters January 03, 2005
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Similar to cockblocker, the cuntblocker is one who prevents a women from sex.
"Tina is such a cuntblocker, she interrupted me with a hottie last night."
by mecca chicca June 17, 2009
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n. a person who blocks a football shot from a woman's vagina downfield from the line of scrimmage
The red team would have won the powderpuff football game if it weren't for the cuntblocker who jumped up and smacked the ball and took it back for a touchdown.
by C-Pain & Friends June 11, 2010
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