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Someone that enjoys tasting the fine flavor of different types of Cum. Cum comes in many types and flavers depending on the squirter. There is regular white Cum (just like wonder bread) and of course black (African american), yellow (Asian) a different flavor for each race. Cum is also flavored by diet so it picks up faint hints of what ever the Cummer has eaten making for a wide assortment of flavors. Some get so into Cum tasting that they become Cum snobs and only want to taste the finest cum. A Cumophile enjoys tasting fine cum so much that she goes to tastings often.
They will spend lots of money travel even overseas to find the best cum that they can find. Later in life some are so addicted that they become cumoholics.
The Cumophile swirled the cum around her mouth to bring out the faint flavors of Cantalope, Cherrys, In and out Burger and Coors.
They joined the Cumophile club so they could enjoy tasting cum with a group of like minded people
by jack_me_off_now March 20, 2008
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