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A whore give gives alot of head, and listens to MTV. When Good Charlotte come on they immidiately fall in love with one of the members and think that they are all of a sudden 'Goth', 'Emo' or 'Hardcore'... They're not.
"OMG! i GaVe AsH sOmE gOoD hEd LaSt NiTe, ThEn I wEnT hOmE aNd WaTcHeD MtV. HaVe U hErD dA aNfEm By GoOd ShArLoT? ItS dA bEsSt!"
"OmG u ArE sUcH a GoFf. CoOl!"
"I nO! lEtS gO oN dA nEt N aStOuNd eVrEe1 wIv OuR gOfFnEsS!"
by Aloe Vera August 15, 2004
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