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one who prior to ejaculation takes the cock out of the ass and shoots him cum shot into the mouth of the homosexual hes performing intercourse with and makes them gargle the semen they just blew into their mouth. After the gargling is through the homosexual swallows the load. The homosexual usually involved is named Kevin Gauthier
Tim: Hey do you know any cum guzzling anal queens
Dylan: Yeah its Kevin Gauthier
Tim:O how so?
Dylan: I know a guy who said he was looking for a fat shit that he could get to guzzle his cum and Kevin offered with excitement.
Tim:What did they do?
Dylan: Well the guy said he was having anal intercourse with Kevin and with joy he asked him to blow his load in Kevin's mouth and while the load was in Kevin's mouth he gargled with joy and then swallowed the load and enjoyed every swimmer that trickled down his throat.
Tim: That sounds amazing!
by KinkyKing January 09, 2009
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