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The act of inserting a straw or tube into ones anus and then propelling cocaine/crushed pills directly into recipients anal cavity.
"Any seasoned drug addict will tell you this but it's been my experience that, in a pinch, I can usually grind some pills and funnel them into my ass. Any funnel will work but I prefer the oil strainers you pick up at the neighborhood gas station. Though If the opportunity presents itself, I prefer to get a close friend/honest looking stranger to shoot the finely crushed pills directly into my colon by inserting a straw or an empty pen tube into my anus, filling their lungs with air and blowing vigorously (I often refer to this as Culture Clubbing). The trick here is to have a good idea of how much product will be escaping your ass by way of farting after the initial insertion. Thusly you need to compensate the amount of powdered drugs accordingly (Note: the amount will vary if you are by yourself with a paper funnel or on the other spectrum, using a pneumatic device). Obviously it should go without saying the amount of air you're able to use to propel the granules through the straw will have a direct effect on the amount of powder that will come shooting back into the face of your friend. Make sure he/she has a dust buster or sandwich baggy at the ready when this happens.

Clearly Mr. Giraldo was simply testing his limits and made an honest miscalculation. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and doesn't forget the lessons he's learned."

-excerpt taken from JLDS
by mud00 September 28, 2010
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