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As opposed to social eater or hunger eater, a person who enjoys more of the cultural elements of a type of food, cuisine, or dining place, eating habit etc etc. A culture eater is usually a savvy vicarious learner, who emulates an observed bahior of eating, by doing which he derives pleasure and satisfaction from the very act of eating in this particular way, instead of from the food itself. The culture eater takes the eating experience to a new level.
A culture eater watched a Bear Gryll wild survival documentary, and he rushed to his backyard tries to dig out bug larva.

A guy dresses up like a 19th century English gentleman and perambulate into a traditional posh restaurant, and dines like a 19th cent gentleman, although the food hardly filled him up nor he liked any of the food in particular.

A guy travels to Vietnam and eats insects on a stick for a week, even though he knows he will be malnutritioned or even sick.
by Regius December 08, 2010
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