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A group on that claims to be devoted to increasing the quality of roleplaying forums on said website. To do so, they use accounts distinct from their real ones to post intentionally bad characters on low-quality roleplaying forums, and reprimand the moderators when these characters are accepted.

Their name derives from the real account of their founder, DragonSovereign (AKA Sov).

In addition, they frequently cite aspects from the visual novel "Umineko: When They Cry," ending most statements in which they reveal themselves as the Cult of Sov with such statements as "this is the revival of the witch" or "czechumeighto" (believed to be an intentional mockery of the Japanese "chekkumeito," meaning checkmate).
...really? Really? We're accepted? Perchance, did you look at our profiles? Did the name "Mike Gainer" not ring any warning bells? How in the name of Vladimir Nabakov was that drivel enough to be accepted?

We could do so much more. We could flood every topic of this Austen-damned forum with beautiful and florid prose until it drives you mad, but instead I will leave you with this: Do not tolerate such low quality in your forum. Perfect your art as a writer, and encourage others to do the same. Raise your bar so that you don't keep tripping on it.

We do this in order to convince others to not tolerate low-quality writing, and to strive for depth and meaning in their works. We also do this because it's amusing. We are the Cult of Sov, and wherever there is shit RPing, we will be there.

Hate us, scream at us, ban us. We will be there regardless. We may not be the heroes you want, or even the ones you deserve, but we are the heroes you need.

This has been the revival of the witch. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

by GuyYouWishYouDidntKnow June 15, 2013
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