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The 'cucumber' disease often occurs after eating a meal containing cucumbers i.e tuna and cucumber sandwich
After which your penis may become aroused and turn green and small green/yellow leafs begin to sprout from the pubic area.
This disease is very common in teens, elderly women and vegetarians.
Waiter:'Heres your tuna and cucumber sandwich you ordered sir',

Victim: 'oooh, ... ahhh,... ouch whats up with my one eyed trouser trout??????'

Waiter:' I dont kno sir have u eaten any cucumber?'

Victim: yesssss cock face

Waiter:' Oh yeh that cucumberitus where your pork sword turns green and sprouts leaves'

Victim: 'Oh cool :S'
by fishingtackle76 August 07, 2009
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