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A cuck box is used by a person wanting to watch his wife get fucked by his next door neighbor and not be allowed to touch his own dick. A cuck box is a device that is a forward mounted genital diversion device. This device consists of cardboard box of no specific size, however a minimum size to generously accommodate the male genitals without touching the enclosure is required. This device is worn by cutting a hole in the center of one side of the box. The male genital are placed inside, and the device is attached to the body. It is up to the user to decide how to affix the device to the body, some of the best methods are duct tape, Velcro, and leather strap. Prior to the wearer's wife engaging in intercourse with a third party the cuck box is firmly attached to the 'cuck' as to prevent any access his own genitals.
Wife - Trevor is on his way over, you'd better strap on your cuck box before he pulls in the driveway. No touching your dick this moment forward.

cuck - yes dear
by analbabes May 23, 2018
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