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The overloading of personal items brought in by "that" co-worker in the cube farm that insists on reliving childhood show and tell - pictures, "thoughts of the day", bobbleheads, inspirational day-by-day calendars, and hideous paraphenilia. Frequently includes cats and grandchildren in precarious outfits.
"Whoa. Did you see what Mrs. Baglady brought in this time? How does she even find her file folders? Are those cats kissing? Ugh. Cube vomit"
by DMD0cal February 04, 2010
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A metaphor for the experience of having your boss come in to your cube with no real motivating factor and:
1) run through a random list of incomplete thoughts (usually conveyed in incomplete sentences)
2) preemptively thank you for agreeing to perform the most poorly defined of those "ideas"
3) request that it be done by tomorrow

*bonus: the boss is eating lunch while doing the above
I had my headphones on, my plant was positioned to block eye contact from people passing by, and excel was open because of that deadline for the report next week...

Totally didn't stop him -- cube vomit everywhere. I tried to stop him mid hurl, but he didn't care. I wasted three hours cleaning up that shit. And then he did a remote vomit via email: now he wants weekly updates so I can better manage my time and get more work done.
by Kitten of Doooooom April 22, 2011
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