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To insert an ice cube into the orifice being used during deep heated penetrating sex, and then continuing with deep heated penetrating sex.
To enable oneself to experience extreme heat and cold during sexual intercourse by the insertion of an ice cube during peak sexual contact.
Tad was fucking Becky with and intensity he had not experienced since Brad. The heated penetration was making his cock burn in Beck's pussy. All of a sudden Becky jumped off Tad and ran into the kitchen leaving Tad bewildered yet relieved from the relief of the intense heat he felt on his cock. Just then Becky came back sucking on an ice cube sensuously, abruptly shoved the dripping cube in her burning cunt and slammed back down on Tads cock. Tad lost all sense of reality from the sudden an intense sensation of freezing cold and then simmering hot from Becky's burning pussy. She looked into Tads eyes and said " I learned this trick from Sue it's called a "Cuban Fuck".
by BYummy June 23, 2006
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