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1. Food and goodies that cougar uses to lure a cub into in her lair.

2. Things that keep the cub happy so he does not wander.

3. A bag of Del Taco and a Giant Flat Screen TV.
If you see a game and DVD collection that consists of World of War Craft, Grand Theft Auto, Jack Ass, South Park boxed sets in a middle-aged womans home it's considered Cub Grub.

Stocking the house with frozen burritos, chicken wings, Hot Pockets, Starburst, and Doritos while she eats only super clean. That's Cub Grub.

A PS3, a giant flat screen TV , and a Kegeratior with small batch brew in a womans home is clearly Cub Grub.

I new pair of Nikes could be Cub Grub.
by Design Girl July 26, 2013
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