An awesome game being developed by Crytek that will have the craziest graphics ever. Like the first Crysis, most people will not be able to run Crysis 2 when it is released, and no one will be able to run it on max settings. Then finally after several years people can actually have computers that can run it, but most people still won't be able to run it on max. At this point, Crytek will announced that Crysis 3 will be coming out soon. And the cycle restarts.
Gamer #1: Finally I can run Crysis on max after mortgaging my house to buy a supercomputer!

Gamer #2: Dude Crysis 2 is coming out, your computer will be useless.

Gamer #1: GODDAMMIT!

(repeat for Crysis 3)
by ~Dan~ August 7, 2009
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