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The crusty logo is defined as the mark and / or stain applied to a female's apparel after a night of drunken fornication resulting from a male's semen blasted all over her.

The logo can appear on any piece of clothing worn by the female the night before.

It usually appears at a white smear, stain and /or crust.

The simplest and most common way to apply the logo is to blast the female on any part of her body with your man goo.

Usually this action elicits the female to demand a towel.

At this point, it is easiest to simply hand her some of her own clothing which are crumpled up in a ball on the bedroom floor.

Since most of these encounters take place after a night of heavy alcohol consumption, the female is usually confused and disoriented and thus very accepting of any item you hand her.

Once she wipes off your jizz bomb, it is common to throw said article of clothing pack on the floor where it will dry and create a nice logo for her walk of shame in the morning!!
Hey I met this hot brunette last night, took her home and gave her a crusty logo right on her jacket. It was awesome!
by Johnny Deepwood December 22, 2008
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