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Crush Yiff Destroy (Or CYD!) is an orginization of people determined to alalyze the furry fandom.

Actually they're a bunch of heartless bastards that make fun of poor, innocent furs that draw yiff and dicknipples.
"CYD was making fun of my art! Why don't they like 500lb herm-gryph-taurs?"
by Banrai February 16, 2005
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Group of furries in denial about their identities, strangely desperate to sought acceptance in any kind of community available and thus try to be furry-bashers, only failing too often to be anything useful. Have unusual habits of congratulating themselves for not doing anything in particular. Sole purpose online is to be mocked.
I have joined CrushYiffDestroy! Perhaps I will finally find my niche group of people who wouldn't mind my sonic and knuckles fanfiction and that I once reported myself on deviantart for art-thefting my own avatar. Murrr X3
by curranrules January 07, 2005
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