A cross between a crunchy and metrosexual person... a buff, earthy guy that gays as well as hot women are attracted to. These guys enjoy the finer things of the earth... like smores and Dom Perignon, live outdoor concerts that feature the cello, flugelhorn, clarinet and saxophone, and driving a Volvo SUV with Thule roof racks garnered with snowboards, mountain bikes and/or kayaks.

These nature boys return from hiking in the wilderness for 7 days and rebound by sculpting their hair with Serge Normant Promade that garners smiles from married women in the grocery store... then zoop zoop on to the house where they whip up Curry Bison Burgers accompanied by a tasty Seaweed Salad.
Dude #1: Yo dude, was that a vuvuzela that I just heard?

Dude #2: lol... not quite, the crunchy sexuals are having a huge throw down at Red Rocks Amphitheater this evening!

Her: Hey, what do you want to do this evening Mr. Crunchy sexual?
Him: nuttin' Honey Bunny... then I might just flambe' us up some Bananas Foster a'la'man
by vonchris7 September 7, 2012