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(masculine - pronounced crum-een-us)
A phenomenon that occurs during the consumption of crumbly biscuits while naked. Due to the collective nature of pubic hair, the biscuit crumbs will naturally conglomerate around the pubic region hence - crumenus. This is a masculine term only. For feminine, see Vagumbs.

Recently, a non-gender specific derivative has become popular - Crumubes (crum-yoobs), as in “I have crumbs in my pubes - crumubes”.

A similar experience can occur when lying naked on your stomach while another party is eating crumbly biscuits above you. This can cause Crumanus.
“Hey girl, check out all my crumenus. Why don’t you chow down on one of these biscuits and then you could have some vagumbs.”

“Sweetheart, I hate it when you sit on me and eat crumbly biscuits, it gives me really bad crumanus.
by Leighton Xander May 16, 2014
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