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(verb) A regional term used mostly by high school aged people in Appleton, Wisconsin that describes the act of driving a car back and forth on College Avenue often during the summer months and often with a group of friends in the evenings in order to mingle socially with peers. The pattern always includes driving east on College Avenue, turning left (north) onto N. Drew Street at the History Museum, then turning left again (west) onto E. Washington Street, and turning left again (south) onto N. Durkee Street and finally turning right (west) onto College Avenue. In order to change direction from east to west, you have several options, including "The Lawrence Return", "The Houdini Flip", "The Division Delay", and a host of others.

The act of "cruisin' the gut" effectively allows one to achieve one or more of the following: Showcasing the latest features added to your automobile or truck, showing off car stereo systems by playing music loudly with car windows rolled down, "checking out" the opposite sex who may be hanging out on the sidewalks of College Avenue, mingling socially, spending time outside of the parental units' homes, generally wasting time and attempting to beat the boredom that often comes with living in the state of Wisconsin, enjoying an interesting alternative to ice fishing.
I saw a super hot guy in front of Murray Photo last night when we were cruisin' the gut.
by the456girl February 21, 2012
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