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An unknown word from Uffie's song "Pop The Glock". However, the lyrics as of yet are unpublished, so the spelling is also unknown. May also be: Cruisilicious, Crusilicia, Crusilicious, Cruistilicia, Cruistilicious, Crustilicia, or Crustilicious.

Lyric from Uffie's "Pop the Glock":
"Me and him are cruisilicia"
A'int See Why People Call Me Uff.
When I Rock The Party Bust A Nut.
Feads Is Breakin' Out The Beat.
Shit be hotter than me.
Me and He Are Cruisilicia
Better Watch Out My Gang Get's vicious
Bad Ass Bitch I'm Rated X
I'm Gifted and, go to sell sex.
Cross the Beach On To The Street.
Gotta Work Hard No Room To Cheat.
Crunk and Grind That's my Blood Line
by Foxe May 02, 2006
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