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intransitive verb

1) to be in a state of loose consciousness while under the influence of external substances, physical or otherwise, (such as alcohol, drugs, or the holy spirit) to an extent which one believes they have transcended the earth and entered into the spiritual realm or heaven.

2) To become so wasted one's conscience becomes guilty and an urge is felt to overcome any after effects and go to church in the morning

3) (Slang) - to be knocked unconscious in a physical confrontation in one blow to the head. The victim suffers such shock while unconscious they see "the light" or believe themselves to be transcending their physical body.

Etymology: This word is a compound derivative of the terms crucified and faded.
Let's get Crucifaded tonight man!

I can't make that sacrifice for mankind. I've got to work in the morning

So do I, but I think I'll go to church instead.
by SlickRebel January 06, 2011
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