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A small chain of consignment stores mostly found in the San Francisco Bay Area but there are also stores in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange County, Seattle, Portland and Chicago. Their marketing stitch is that you can buy secondhand designer, fashion forward clothing for less than you would pay at department stores and you could sell your lightly used, fashionable clothing for either money or a credit that goes towards their store. Crossroads is staffed by snooty, judgmental bitches with their nose in the air because they think their working at Saks Fifth Ave. or just landed a job at Vouge magazine when instead they look like idiots because they're actually working at a shitty warehouse that smells like crap. The girls at Crossroads also don't know what's actually valuable when you try to trade in your perfectly desirable clothing. For example a girl at Crossroads would rather give you a credit for a D&G dress that you spilled bleach all over and is half eaten by your dog than a nice barely worn pair of black pants from Macys but is unfortunately not a designer brand. Basically unless you want to sell your designer clothes don't even bother trying to sell anything to this lost bunch.
Girl at Crossroads: As you can see I've been highly educated about the fashion industry and style by working at Crossroads Trading Company.
Vogue Employer: You mean Goodwill?
by norcalprincess15 August 10, 2009
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