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Often times, specialized fields of study or knowledge will have field-specific definitions for various words. This is known as jargon. When two people representing different fields of knowledge come to conflict over an idea due to their respective jargons, cross-jargonation occurs. Generally one or both parties will refuse to compromise on the definition, preferring instead to act as if their definition is superior and unalterable. The result can often be heard as a loud popping sound, caused by the skull of an innocent kitten spontaneously detonating.
Gary was presented a query by his philosophy professor, whom we shall call Ace; Can a person be both a skeptic and an agnostic? Gary answered yes, and was quickly rebuffed by Ace, who stated that the two things were necessarily in conflict. Detecting a case of cross-jargonation, Gary suggested that Ace perhaps consider a more universal definition of the two terms. Ace refused, and all generally agreed that he is a total fucktard. The detonating kitten skull was heard shortly after.
by whitedevilbrewingco February 12, 2008
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