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Another term for the Gay Mafia or a gay militant, but it implying a culture of political corruption and rabid violence going far beyond the usual stereotype.

The term was first coined in promotional materials for "Stationery Voyagers," referring to the satirical "Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against All Possible Criticism" that frequently harassed, threatened, and threw bombs at the story's heroes and vandalized their property out of revenge for the heroes refusing to endorse the group's social agendas.

The term alludes to incidents of gay organizations that have attacked and vandalized churches in both Lansing and Canada.

Corrupt politicians, evil filmmakers, communists, anarchists, and demonic bobcats (in the story at least) all seek to manipulate the Crooked Rainbow to aid their own agendas. And achieve this by promising special privileges that nobody else in society has ("rights") as a reward for going along. Resulting in the Crooked Rainbow participating in every single cuckoo fringe Leftist cause around hoping for a future reward.

Not straight = crooked

Whereas a Gay Mafiosi would simply be dictatorial, a Crooked Rainbow Militant would break electoral confidentiality, find out who voted "no" on a gay marriage proposal, stalk that voter, and greet the voter with a Molotov cocktail to the face, all while foaming at the mouth and screaming.

The term "Crooked Rainbow" plays on anti-Occupy Wall Street movement sentiments also.
Jane: "Can you believe what SoulFarce did over the weekend?"

John: "What?"

Jane: "They urinated all over the basement of that church down the street from us, and smashed all its windows."

John: "I thought it was the church five blocks down that was giving them problems? Isn't the one they attacked friendly to their causes? Can't they get their targets straight before they get violent?"

Jane: "'Fraid not. These aren't the harmless fuzzball friendly neighborhood types. These guys are Crooked Rainbow. They attack anything with a cross on it."

John: "Crap. Good thing we're not in Canada, or it'd be illegal for us to report the facts to the local paper."

*John and Jane are both immediately assaulted with molotov fire*
by ObscuredBeyond December 08, 2011
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