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A lazy, grumpy male who frequents the common room in sixth form colleges. The aforementioned male is said to resemble a teddy bear and hence his name is sometimes splet Crom-bear. The Cromber enjoys all sports but some of the Cromber's faviroute sports include: Rugby League, Football, Darts and Formula One. When the Crom-bear hibernates during the winter months he surrounds himself with duvets and will watch any sport being played on the television, with the exception of Rugby Union which makes the Cromber violently ill. If Rugby Union is being played then the Cromber will watch Sky Sports News until a more suitable sport begins.
Observationalist: Has a wild Snorlax just appeared?

Anthropologist: No, don't be foolish its just a sleeping Cromber!

Observationalist: Oh, should we wake him?

Zoologist: That wouldn't be wise, he'll rip your head off.
by Conor Smith March 19, 2010
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