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Every girl's dream, no woman should die without experiencing the endless thrill and pleasure that the CTT provides. Only three ingredients are necessary: One Croatian male, one muscular uncontrollable tongue and one taco (aka vagina). After compiling these three ingredients your next move should be lowering your face to meet the taco while whipping your tongue around in a tornado-like motion (hopefully exceeding speeds of 88 mph) Then just listen and enjoy the moans... the groans... the "Oh god"'s and finally the "let's do THAT again".
guy 1: Yo man did you hear what Sime did last night to Bethany?
guy 2: Dude... I know... he totally hooked her up with the Croatian Taco Tornado!!
guy 1: Oh yeah that... well he also ate my butt hole later that night.
by Charliesheen3 July 14, 2011
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