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(n) 1. One who has reached the essence of crizaziness.
2. Something that is crizazy.
3. The answer to the universe. (crizaziness)

Crizaziness, Crizazily, Crizazy! (Note !)
Billy: Hey Jimmy, what do you think about Ninjas?
Jimmy: Well Billy, it's funny you should ask that--
Billy: Why is it funny Jimmy?
Jimmy: Well Billy, it's not actually funny--
Billy: Wait, did you just LIE Jimmy?
Jimmy: NO, I did not lie Billy, I just--
Billy: Well then why did you say it was funny Jimmy?
Jimmy: I'm about to explain that Billy--
Billy: Is it like a paradox, or some minute flaw in universal structure of the uinverse Jimmy?
Jimmy: Yes, Billy, that was exactly what I was saying.
Billy: Oh. That's CRIZAZY!
by Tecumseh Sherman November 10, 2006
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Crizazy is comparable to crazy, but for the inserted "iz" that downplays the actual "craziness". It's often used when people are trying to look different, and are fatigued of using proper english.

Snoop Dogg said it once. That means it's cool.
Jill: I just got back from Disney World, it was crizazy! (sic)
Human: Shut the hell up.
BACKHANDs Jill across the face.
by Blarghk June 16, 2007
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