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Cristmist is an atheist holiday that starts at 12 (noon) on December 24th and goes until 12 the following day. Crista means 'ridge' or 'crest,' so Cristmist is on set on a day that commonly has a spike in precipitation. The 24/25th of December has an excellent record to this matter, and was thus chosen for the main festivities.

Gifts are given because they cause a warm fuzzy feeling that is supposed to stay with you throughout the cold of winter.
The tree that they are commonly placed under represents your family tree because Cristmist is a day for families to get together. The optional ornaments and decorations on the tree represent the individual characteristics of the different members of the family.

Gifts are delivered by ex-ninjas who have gained a little weight and now dress in red to show that they have retired and choose to spend their nights delivering presents instead of killing people.

Given crista = spike, and mist = precipitation.
Crista + mist = Cristmist
spike + precipitation = December 24/25
∴ Cristmist = December 24/25
As an atheist, I celebrate Cristmist.
by Twigfigure July 01, 2010
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