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Money, usually new money direct from the bank. A bill that is in circulation can still be crisp lettuce but once is loses that new bill smell it’s just lettuce.
Bro 1. Dude, I just got a stack of crisp lettuce. Do you know what that means?

Bro 2. Titty Bar?

Bro 1. Shit yeah!

Stripper 1. Mmmhhhmm girlfriend I had a real good night.

Stripper 2. Yeah sister those two white boys gave me all their crisp lettuce.

Wife 2. You smell like cigarettes, lotion and cheap beer, did you spend all that crisp lettuce at the strip club?

Bro 2. Bro 1. man the secret is out they know we spent all of our lettuce.
by Dbos617 May 22, 2009
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