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(also known as cpunk) A movement that is exclusively by the physically disabled for the physically disabled, started on tumblr. It's about rejecting pity, inspiration porn, & all other forms of ableism. It ejects the “good cripple” mythos. Cripple Punk is here for the bitter cripple, the uninspirational cripple, the smoking cripple, the drinking cripple, the addict cripple, the cripple who hasn’t “tried everything”. Cripple Punk fights internalized ableism & fully supports those struggling with it. It respects intersections of race, culture, gender, sexual/romantic orientation, size, intersex status, mental illness/neuroatypical status, survivor status, etc. Cripple Punk does not pander to the able bodied.
-cripple punk is not conditional on things like mobility aids & “functioning levels”
-always listen to those w/ different physical disabilities & different intersections than yourself. do not speak over them
-disabled people do not need to personally identify w/ the words “cripple” or “punk” individually to be a part of cripple punk
-able bodied people wishing to spread the message may only ever amplify the voices of the disabled
-able bodied people may never use uncensored slurs themselves but never censor our language
-able bodied people must always tag things like reblogs with “i’m able bodied”

-physically disabled people wanting to be a part of the movement who are uncomfortable using the slur may refer to it as “cpunk”
I finally was comfortable with my disability after I found out about Cripple Punk! Now I'm not as nervous using my cane in public! I can use it to annoy ableists!
by waaaaaaaaaat December 25, 2014
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A fashion movement by and for disabled people that incorporates their mobility equipment and other disability-related gear that would typically be considered unsightly or embarrassing. To combat this and improve self-esteem, people decorate and modify their equipment and incorporate it into their overall look. Typically the style is somewhat "punk" and flamboyant/outrageous, as physically disabled people are used to being stared at anyway and might as well have fun with it.

Autpunk/neuropunk is an autistic spinoff embracing the wearing and use of necessary but sometimes stigmatized or unusual sensory-friendly clothes &/or equipment, such as noise-blocking headphones, stim toys, soft clothing, etc.
That spiked neck brace is cripplepunk as fuck.

She was tired of feeling weird about people staring at her wheelchair, so she painted it purple, decked it out with stickers and patches, and decided to just embrace the cripplepunk.
by Annie Y Mouse May 02, 2020
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