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A derogatory slur to say to someone when they are being painfully cringe. When they are being so cringe you think you may die a premature death, you can drop this word on them.
Dale: Hey Andr-
Andrew: Cringelord Dale, For Cringe Sake! Go pull a Ric-Flair!
Dale: Fucksake cunt, I am going to fucking have a coronary if you don't shut the fuck up. Do you even know who Ric Flair is?
Andrew: Thats so wack and who the fuck is Ric Flair!?!? Irrelevant Warren!!!
Dale: You little fucking cringebaby, shut the fuck up and just sod off you cumlord.
by dalespelman2 September 23, 2019
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A term used to describe one who displays high levels of cringe.
Cringo: Dude, look at this hacker. He's so cringe bro
Chadman: You're just bad cause you're a stupid little cringe baby waaaah waaaah that's the sound of the cringe baby
by CorndogScammer September 30, 2019
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An insult to use on your friend when they are being annoying and cringe ... what a cringe baby
Dale your pissing me off stop being such a cringe baby
by Lord and saviour coolandy3 September 20, 2019
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