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Two separate beings that act as one single entity. While separated they are fragile and weak. But while together, their chi aligns as one and they become literally insane.

They cause physical and emotional chaos to their surroundings and inevitably perform "the Crindle" on any and all bystanders. The crindle is best described as a 3-person sex position where the Crindle suspend their victim horizontally between themselves while rapidly vibrating and vociferating.

The two-being entity known as the Crindle, once thought to be merely a hybrid-myth based off mistellings of the story of Castor and Pollux (The Gemini in greek mythology).

At times, the Crindle show deep rivalry between each other and other times they show a stronger bond than siblings. The Crindle generally has one superior half while the other half shadows him. The position of the shadow Crindle may transfer according to which Crindle is more capable in their goal.

The "Super Crindle" appears when neither Crindle can out-shadow the other, but instead appear to be two equal halves of a whole. The Super crindle is thought to appear in the end times--Armageddon. The Super Crindle is too complex and terrifying to be described using mundane language.
Those two delinquents are real crindles.
by Nagol! April 11, 2010
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