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Criminal Blowback refers to the fact that if 99% of people play by the rules, that 1% still creates enough carnage that causes new tactics to be taken to combat those crimes. Which ends up hurting the 99% majority by means of the Blowback. Examples: If 1 student kills someone in a school; everyone else is then forced to endure random body searches and waits in long lines through metal detectors. If 1 person cheats on a test, then everyone else is then forced into taking a more difficult test, because the normal test may be compromised. If 1 man uses his car to smash it into a building; then everyone else is then forced to pay a higher insurance rate to cover the lost funds spent to repair the building. If 1 man rapes a woman; then everyone else is then forced to deal with harsher Sex laws. Which have become so stupid in some states, that if a person is caught urinating in public, they can be convicted as a Sex Offender. If 1 man finds a new way to put poison into a jar of food; then everyone else is then forced to pay higher prices for that item, because new security features had to be added to protect the food.
Since Criminal acts are not committed by just 1 person, but thousands, even millions of persons worldwide; the Blowback that everyone else is forced to endure can not be measured. So basically; the criminal act of 1 person, causes 1000 others that didn't have anything to do with the crime to suffer; Both directly and indirectly.
I'm so freakin' sick of being forced to type in long lines of letters and numbers in these stupid Captcha windows, because scumbag hackers want to act like criminals! It's not fair that criminals commit the crimes, but those of us honest people end up suffering! Hackers know ways around Captcha windows, so all this ever does is annoys those of us that actually follow the rules! There is a way to stop Criminal Blowback and it's called a Guillotine. Criminal's head goes in, but never comes back out!
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008
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