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A quality home, can be a flat or house that has a lot of bling and is a sweet place to live.
Can't wait till we move into the cribalicious, it won't be hard to get the birds back there.
by Munki_Neishy February 14, 2008
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A crib hand, in the card game cribbage, which has twelve or more points. (Thus, all cribalicious hands are cribtastic, but not all cribtastic hands are cribalicious.) Saying the word must always be accompanied by a dance-like rolling motion of one's shoulders up and down, and a sassy bobbing of one's head.
Ivan: Twelve points!

Cole: That's cribtastic!

Ivan: <rolling shoulders sexily from side to side, and bobbing his head> It's cribalicious!

<Laughter all around the table.>
by NietzscheanMat March 03, 2010
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