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CREOLE Hip Hop is the sign of evolution in the Haitian community expressed in many ways but primarily through lyrics in the native Creole language. The Haitian American experience is what we call this movement of Creole Hip Hop because the very foundation of an expressed lyrical style began in America.
RAP Creoles is an element of Creole Hip-Hop, birth place, Haiti 1980. Everyone that knows there Hip-Hop history knows Creole Hip-Hop is an extension of Hip-Hop that depicts the Hip-Hop lifestyle of Haitians and Haitian-Americans and other country world-wide.
Rap Creole Groups have tried real hard, to bring Creole Hip-Hop back to the mainstream by continuing what Master Dji started. But nevertheless, his legacy wasn't left forgotten, and Creole Hip-Hop was preserved by several artists from the underground. However, Creole Hip-Hop is not perceived by many Haitians as an art form, but as a fad which they expect to die soon. Although some Creole rappers gained some type of success, the music itself, never really had an impact on the mainstream due to a lack of understanding of Hip-Hop.
George Lys Herard (May 30, 1961--May 21, 1994) popularly known as Master Dji was a Haitian Rapper, and Creole Hip-Hop artist.After Master DJIs death, the Creole Hip-Hop scene took a back seat to the Haitian Ragga movement. That genre subsided and we have now have only Konpa in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) and right at its heels is the Creole Hip-Hop Movement trying to bust through.
by Creole HipHop Militant September 20, 2011
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