A "mute" character from Haiti on the NBC show Heroes. The Haitian has the power to take memories, stop any power from being used around him, and also enhance the powers of a hero. Usually found as colleague for a member of the "Company" where heroes are taken to either get helped or imprisoned. (Has no name so everyone just calls him The Haitian)
Peter -Who was that guy standing in the corner of the office earlier?
Elle -Oh, The Haitian.
by Masi Oka November 18, 2007
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A Haitian is a person born in Haiti or has either a Haitian mother or Haitian father but were born outside of Haiti. Haitians come from a strong, rich, warm, polite, complex Latin American culture. Ethnically the majority Haitians are predominantly of African decent. However millions of Haitians are a mixture of African,Spanish,British,French, Arab,German,Indian,Chinese, Jewish, Polish and Italian. And they come in all skin tones and colors. Most Haitians speak Haitian Creole (Kréyol) which is a beautiful language based from a mixture of French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and a tiny bit african influences. Majority of Haitians are strict practicing Catholics. Only poor Haitians practice voodoo. Haitian cuisine is unique and extremely delicious made up of a typical caribbean/ latin american diet of plantains, rices, beans, seafood, meats, soups, vegetables, pastries, tropical fruits, coffee, teas, and rum but with intense mouth watering creole flavor and spice with a french culinary sophistication.Haitians dance and musics called Kompa which is exactly like Dominican merengue but much more elegant, romantic , and slow with a slow salsa-ish tempo. In America Haitian's and Haitian diaspora are one of the most educated, successful, professional minorities consisting of a large population of doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, business men, professional athlete's , actors, singers, fashion designers, and philanthropist.
People: You are Haitian? You don't look Haitian. I thought you were.......
Haitian: Yes, I am Haitian and we dont look like anything specific.

People: All Haitians do voodoo
Haitian: That is a lie but can I slap you now or later?
by Carlos the true Haitian April 27, 2017
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native of Haiti; of Haitian descent

me : Half-Haitian
A Haitian is a person from Haiti. Haiti isn't the greatest county, but the people are actually very nice. And the food is pretty good.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
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A person who is from Haiti or has parents that are from Haiti.

They dont eat cats
All of them didnt get here on boats
All of them are not part of the Zo pound.
A yo, who is that nigga right there wit Christina. Ohh thats just Wayne... he a cool ass haitian.
by TheQuikOne June 10, 2005
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person from haiti-rite near da dominican republic. for da most part da ppl there r madd chills-dey tell things like it is. dey thro bangin carnivals n have sum good food! oh n dey dance!!!
-i would know i'm haitian n dominican
yo dis haitian chic stays crackin me up!
by michelle November 3, 2004
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A classic rub and tug performed while the recipient is wearing pants, typically Jeans. Named after the large number of populace named Jean that derive from Haiti.
“For $5 I could give you a quick Haitian behind the bar.”
by Facemob932 December 16, 2020
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