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A person that you have recently become 'friends' with on Facebook. Their usual activities include, but are not limited to, liking every status, fan page or wall post on your profile. They are attracted to every person who responds to any of these 'likes.' You will rue the day you reply to a creepture, for they will annoy the crap out of you from that day on. They will find your phone number and blow up your phone with smiley-face ridden texts.

They are both male and female, so no one is safe.

Then they show up outside of your window (2nd and 3rd stories are still viable.) and watch you, thinking you enjoy the attention.
I've never met you in my life. Stop liking my stuff, you are such a creepture.

Geeks are not all creeptures, but the vast majority are.

Ex-boyfriends and girlfriends can easily become creeptures in a desperate attempt to win you back. FAIL.
by Colinkilledafanofhis February 20, 2010
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