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1. One is attracted to Dakota Fanning.

2. Someone you cannot trust. Often a tall, demi-god looking, blue-eyed, track running, shit talking bastard that prefers to date sluts.

3. Someone who has no life or friends outside of guitar hero and Glee.

4. A guy who wears the tightest clothes possible, choosing to tuck his skinny jeans into his high top pumas.

5. One who drives a green Jeep and allows others to borrow it, despite the fact that his insurance no longer allows this due to his own terrible driving.
"Hey you want to hang out with me and Greg tonight?"
"No thanks, that guy's a freakin creepton and I don't want all of my secrets spread around the battalion."

"Creepton is currently in the conference room playing guitar hero...alone. For the past 4 hours."
by supermodels March 27, 2010
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