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The most horrible, most crap-sucky, and most unbelevably dim-witted sequel of all time. It has shitty effects, stupid plots, and horrible actors, which gives it no right to bear the "Creepshow" name. In one story, a family gets a new universal remote, and each time they change the channel, they have a different nationality! Their daughter gets weird, huge bloody bumps on her legs and ignores them! She even smiles in some scenes, as it reaches her face. When she's completely covered in the enormous, oozing, things, her family changes the channel and she becomes a rabbit! Oh, so scary! I'd tell you the other stories, but they're so stupid that I can't type them. The movie's not even so-bad-it's-good. It's so bad it went past "good" and back to bad again! It's worse than a Sci-fi channel original, even! Don't bother seeing it, you have been warned. Oh, and it's by the same people that did Day of the Dead 2, direct to DVD, if tells you anything.
Man, my DVD player still won't forgive me for renting Creepshow III!
by Mbleh November 13, 2007
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