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Creeport is the weird creepy disturbing baby that came out when CREEP and REPORT had hot steamy intercourse in the mid-80's after an insane ganja party. is an online site for reporting CREEPY,WEIRD AND FUNNY looking people/things. The website does a contest every month, whoever submits the best pic/video wins a prize (from giftcards, videogames, movietickets, ca$h to a mystery box,as we all know the mystery box could be anything. IT COULD EVEN BE A BOAT!)
Ex1: Dude! Your mom is so ugly I submitted her picture to and they sent me an email saying that they had a special section in the website for ugly animals!

Ex2: OMG! That guy is a creep I am going to C-PORT him @
by Panoptes January 11, 2011
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