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A male or female that talks to people and befriends them, then tries to make a move subtly - even though they are hideously repulsive to look at. This can apply but not limited to people in a realtionship, on both sides. This person will try any means of persuasion to get into sexual relations to the other party; such as writing songs, taking for a coffe, flirtatious texting and buying items.

In exetreme cases the subject may use drugs to iffluence others (their target/prey) to finding them attractive. If sucessful once, the lifestyle of the Creepacorn may become permanent.
Creepacorn: Hey I need to talk to you about something.

Subject: Yeah sure what?

Creepcorn: I just want to tell you something important don't freak out.

Subject: Are you sure it can't wait?

Creepacorn: No I have to tell you, I'm in love with you.

Subject: What the fuck my boyfriend is right next to me passed out. You fucking Creepacorn.
by Nipple queen March 15, 2013
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