1. Gynecologist
2. Vage mechanic
Worker: can I have the afternoon off to go to my gyne appointment?
Manager: Sure. Visiting the vage mechanic again?
Worker: yeah. Time to let that crease monkey get a good look under the hood.
by Urban_Filth November 15, 2012
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Top Definition
An urban professional who continually re-wears suit pants to work every day, but fails to iron them, thereby creating a proliferation of creases behind the knees and alerting everyone nearby to the fact that this person is a crease monkey.

A crease monkey will also tend to have poor hygiene and wear outdated clothing. They tend to be social introverts as they have no real friends to point out to them that they smell, their clothes are outdated and they have tons of creases behind their knees.
"Wow, look at that ugly green suit, what is that from 1981?"

"Haha, probably. I don't think he's had it pressed since 1981 either, what a crease monkey."

"Total crease monkey. I bet he smells."
by jpc1 December 07, 2009
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Cricketer of the highest standard.
An all round player who kicks ass, and causes fear in his opponents.
When used in the plural it can also be used to describe a team.
"That Justin, he's one hell of a crease-monkey"
"The crease-monkeys are cheered from the field by their adoring fans after yet another comprehensive victory"
by DemonPixieBoy June 19, 2008
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general joker/funny person, funny in some way either intentionally or unintentionally.
galvidee your the ultimate creasemonkey!
by galvidee April 18, 2009
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