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A man, but not just any man. He is the man. The man this is him. He is know to be extremely smart, almost to the point of being beyond the human mind. He is also debatably the best looking man around, depending on his company, and can make the women's panties drop. In fact, when Cream Boy Delight enters the room, girl's panties get wetter than a towel in a thunderstorm. There are few people who can compare to CBD, and the ones that can are usually dead, this is due to the pure power behind his ability to "drop the Dong." He is a man of science, love, magic, and hate. No one understands him, because he can't even understand himself.
Girl A) OMG! Is that Cream Boy Delight...
Girl B) My panties are so wet, I think I might have sex with him right here!
Girl C) He is the Best Man Ever, that has ever or will ever, exist.
by Vanilla Taco February 11, 2014
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